International Seminar on Sustainable Urban Development (ISoSUD) is a tri-annually seminar that held by our faculty, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology, Trisaki University, Jakarta, which initiated at 2008 and this year is the 4th ISoSUD.

The seminar aims to provide with great opportunities to share and discuss common interest and ideal academic platform for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments, applications and implementations in all areas of Sustainable Urban Development, which put emphasis but not limited to Urban Environmental Management and Environmental Technology. The first ISoSUD was conducted in 2008 while the second in 2011 with theme "Green Urban Development and Poverty Eradication: Plans, Strategies and Practices". The third seminar with theme "The Dynamics of Urban and Environment Towards Climate Change: Plans, Strategies and Practices" was conducted in 2014.

The theme of 4th ISoSUD is :


Achieving the SDGs requires governments, private sectors, academics, civil societies, and citizens be allied to leave a better planet for our future generations. The whole 17 Goals interconnect, meaning achievement in one affects achievement for others. In short, this is the greatest chance we have to improve life for future generations. Some of the goals were in major issue of 4th International Seminar on Sustainable Urban Development are:

. Goals No.6 : Clean Water and Sanitation
. Goals No.7 : Affordable and Clean Energy
. Goals No.11 : Sustainable Cities and Communities
. Goals No.13: Climate Action
. Goals No.14:Life Below Water
. Goals No.15 : Life on Land

Moreover, the seminar always invites the speakers with Internationaly-known reputation that will deliver a paper on the related topic. The seminar also invites through "calling for papers" to academics, researchers, professionals from universities, government, private sector, industry and other institutions.