1. Biodiversity and Climate Change
2. Flood Risk Management;
3. Recovery of Damage Areas;
4. Risk Mitigation;
5. Urban Adaptation on Global Climate Change

1. Environmental Modeling
2. Cleaner Production; Waste Minimize and Management
3. Water Resources and Management
4. Water Recovery and Management
5. Waste and sanitation management
6. Ecological Landscape Planning
7. Landscape Heritage Protection and Management
8. Land Use Planning
9. Transportation Planning and Management
10. Eco-City For The Future
11. Environmental Indicators of Sustainability
12. Urban environmental pollution, diseases and health status

1. Energy Efficiency
2. Renewable Energy Technologies (Bio-energy)
3. Energy Management and Policies
4. Pollution Control Technologies (Waste And Wastewater Treatment And Technology)
5. Eco-drain
6. Indigenous Technology for adaptation and mitigation on Climate Change
7. Urban Community Empowerment
8. Water Supply and Technology

Visa Procedure at Indonesia

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